Workflow Optimization Project

One of our latest projects has involved us working with two practices in Cheshire designing a service to support the optimisation of document workflow within Practice.

Starting from the premise that far too many documents are sent to GPs which could be dealt with by other members of the practice team, the proposed service will be based around facilitated workshops to discuss openly which document types can be work-flowed to other team members like the Clinical Pharmacist, the Nursing Team, or the Medical Secretary. Also, with some advice on how to code some of the more common information included in many of these documents, the staff who currently do the scanning can easily and quickly be upskilled to read the contents and pick out and code the key information, with the help of standard code sets and templates.

The main aim is to reduce the unnecessary admin burden on GPs and thus free up their time, but other benefits include optimising existing skills and upskilling other staff members.

Streamlining workflow in this way will also improve practice resilience and reduce costs per task.