Organisational Development

Organisational Development

The Service

Our aim is to support teams to work together to deliver their objectives. Our approach is to focus on practical actions and problem solving. We work with our clients to understand their needs and we design programmes to deliver these needs in a way that engages all team members and builds commitment.

Our diverse experience and extensive network enables us to provide inciteful and challenging input into the sessions we run, so that our clients are getting more than facilitation and are able to use the time with us to understand what is happening outside their area.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with our clients and this has led to use being used as advisors outside the formal OD sessions.

Our Current Clients

We have supported a large number of Practices, PCNs, and Federations. In the last year we have supported:

  • Millcroft Medical Centre Crewe.
  • Newcastle Under Lyme Central PCN
  • Winsford PCN
  • North Staffs GP Federation
  • East Staffs PCN (and Federation).
  • Moorlands Rural PCN
  • Hanley and Shelton PCN
  • Wrenbury Medical Centre

What our clients say about our support

"We had a good debate particularly about the new ways of working around Enhanced Access and then we made a decision. Doesn't happen often and it was quite refreshing. I felt every practice aired their views and these were taken on board to form the final decision." - Newcastle Central PCN

"It was very informative, it gave everyone a chance to take timeout to discuss important matters regarding the future of the PCN. The facilitators were fantastic at getting everyone to interact." - Leek and Biddulph PCN

"The remote session with Mike and Lisa was really beneficial for the PCN as a whole. The pre-work leading up to the session and session itself had effects that were immediate. Mike as a facilitator was able to quick study the PCN and tailor the session to our specific requirements and in terms of what we wanted to focus on as a PCN in the coming months i.e. ARRS roles, Decision Making Processes. Mike was able to steer our discussions to an ultimate, productive outcome – the session has invoked a positive change for the PCN. We would recommend your services highly as a facilitator and look forward to working with you again". - Sana Tahir, Newcastle Central PCN

"Mike provided insightful and considered facilitation of our Board Development Day. He was a positive disruptor with some words of wisdom. He challenged and focused the mind in an agile session". - Helen Holmes-Fogg, Chief Executive of West Lancashire GP Federation

"Time out dedicated to discussion. It was done in a way that felt a safe environment for comment. It was nice to have contributions from all practices". - Leek and Biddulph PCN

"Thanks to Lisa and Mike, it was well run and an informative afternoon.  I’ve had nothing but good words from my practice team today, to say how they all enjoyed it and how good it was, and am getting asked if we can have another – so thank you"! - Practice Manager, Winsford PCN