Training and Development

Training and Development

The Service

Each of our work programmes have a strong emphasis on Training and Development (GDPR, IT Support, FTSU etc) our aim is to upskill the teams and individuals we work with and to reduce their dependence on us. In addition to the training to support our programmes we also provide bespoke training programmes designed to support Practices, PCNs, and Federations. Current examples of training programmes delivered by us include:

  • General Practice Assistant, Training and Accreditation - We run commissioned GPA training programmes for PCNs and Federations and ‘open’ programmes for individuals training to be a GPA. Find out more information on our GPA page.
  • Physician Associate Internship programmes - Our PA internship programme enables newly qualified PAs to successfully navigate the first year of their career in Primary Care, ensuring improved outcomes for the practices and the PA. We are commissioned to run programmes across the North-West and West-Midlands.
  • Clinical Digital Upskilling - We run a range of Digital Upskilling programmes based on ALS principles.
  • Conferences and learning sessions - We run ad hoc conferences and events to support our work for example:
    • We ran a successful IT innovation event for Practices, PCNs and Commissioners
    • We recently ran a 2 day PA in General Practice event with over 150 delegates
    • We ran a one day Digital Transformation Leads Conference. You can find out more about it here.
  • We are planning a further Digital Transformation Leads Conference and a second Physician Associate Conference in 2024.


Our Current Clients

Liverpool Training Hub
Newcastle Central PCN
Northwich PCN
Winsford PCN
South Cheshire & Vale Royal GP Alliance
Hanley Bucknall and Bentilee PCN
Staffordshire ICB
Staffordshire Training Hub
Cheshire and Merseyside Training Hub
GPN Foundation School

What our clients say about our support

"Thank you so much, I found the session really valuable, thank you to all involved". - Practice Administrator, Tattenhall - SARs Training Session

"The content was really interesting because it's not something that i had fully appreciated, being very new to General Practice. It wasn't too basic and it wasn't too complex". - Coding in General Practice Training

"First time I have received so much information because usually only have 5-10 min discussions with GP". - Respiratory Upskilling Online Session

"The topics covered were good, the speakers were all excellent and the price was very reasonable for the whole day. There was the perfect mix of clinical and professional topics and the location was great". - Primary Care Physician Associates Conference 2023

"Both speakers were fluent in the topic and happy to take on questions and queries. Their answers were clear and concise on a topic that is both very detailed and had multiple applications to the group". Coding in General Practice Training

"I found the online session really informative and the content was engaging. It was great that there was signposting to available online resources to support both staff and patients. The links to demonstration videos was great as these can be shared directly with patients and are easy to understand. The real-world information from clinicians was very practical useful advice". - Respiratory Upskilling Online Session

"I am really pleased with the training provided by Howbeck Healthcare, they are really flexible with the course contents and willing to adapt to suit our needs. They are always willing to try and work around us and our timelines which is a great help, I look forward to continuing our work together". - Stepping into Primary Care - EMIS Training