Excellent Introductory Digital Transformation Leads Forum Meeting

We had a fantastic introductory Digital Transformation Leads Forum meeting this week, with over 100 DTL attendees from across the country-with every NHS Region represented!

Following the positive feedback received both in and after the session, we are excited to confirm that there is a strong consensus for the Digital Transformation Leads Forum to continue and we will be scheduling bi-monthly meetings, with the next meeting being held on the 19th September between 10am-11.30am. These sessions will remain cost free and open to all Digital Transformation Leads .

We want the Forum to be led by its members and will be inviting DTL’s to submit ideas for future sessions and to share any success stories or projects they are working on currently within their PCN via a poster presentation at future sessions. Our aim is for these sessions to be as interactive as possible and for DTL’s to share their current work areas with each other. We will be looking to establish an advisory board who will ensure that the direction of the Forum is led and informed by DTL’s, and who will review agendas and content for these meetings and any future conferences.

If you are a DTL and would like to be added to the distribution list, please contact us directly: rachel@howbeckhealthcare.co.uk