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Howbeck Supports Bath & North East Somerset Enhanced Medical Services Develop Strategic Direction Document

Great feedback received from Bath and North East Somerset Enhanced Medical Services who we have recently supported to develop a clear and concise Strategic Direction document which reflects the ambitions and aspirations of the key stakeholders and partners.  Howbeck Healthcare led a structured interview process ensuring that each member of the Management Executive Committee (MEC) and Council had an opportunity to influence the strategic direction, the results of which were incorporated within the plan.

“We have found that working with Howbeck has been a positive experience for us. Their understanding and knowledge of how Federations like ours operate within the system saved a lot of time and added richness to the analysis with Howbeck holding a mirror up to ourselves and taking stock. The team that interviewed our key stakeholders for us were professional, engaged and enthusiastic. We are really pleased with the output of our joint working our new BEMS Strategy and this will give us a strong focus as we look forward to the future” – Bath and North East Somerset Enhanced Medical Services.