The Physician Associates in Primary Care Conference, supported by Howbeck Healthcare, was a great success…

Physician Associates in Primary Care Conference

On the 13th June 2019, Howbeck Healthcare supported the first Physician Associate in Primary Care Conference at Keele Hall.

We had over 80 delegates attend both locally and nationally, ranging from GPs, Physician Associates, Practice Managers and senior managers from NHS England and HEE.

Pictured from the left: Elita Unyolo, PA; Alex Strivens-Joyce, PA & PA Ambassador; Lucy Minshull, Project Manager – Howbeck Healthcare; Karen Roberts, Guest Speaker, PA & Course Director at St George’s in London; Dr Sharon Turner, Clinical Lead and Dr Elizabeth Cottrell, NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer from Keele University
The conference was very eventful. We were able to share and promote Physician Associates (PAs) playing a new and exciting role in supporting general practice along with having the PAs who have completed our pioneering Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship speaking on how they are supporting and working within general practice. The Staffordshire Physician Associate Internship has supported over 22 PAs on the programme.
We were able to highlight that the majority of PAs who had completed our internship have all been retained and are working full time in general practice. 98% of those delegates in attendance asked for a similar conference next year with further emphasis on presentations / workshops and networking. Watch this space!


“thanks for a great conference – spot on in terms of what I needed to know. Well worth the 4.5 hours in the car!”

“I feel this type of conference should be done again to help support the PA internship – a great afternoon with lots of useful info mentioned”

 “Great to hear both the GP/PA talks describing exactly how the role works in practice and what sort of tasks they do on a daily basis and how the PAs are developed as part of  primary care”