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Docman Opportunities Within Primary Care

Dr Neil Paul recently met with Docman to discuss possible collaboration opportunities in primary care.

Docman 10 is the latest version of Docman GP that has been engineered from scratch to provide a cloud based platform delivered through a web browser.  The architecture has been designed specifically to accommodate the new ways of working to deliver primary care at scale.  Whilst there are obvious benefits of moving to the cloud (removal of practice server, no back up requirement, automatic software updates etc), the real benefit is the way it can start to support federated working.  The initial federated use of Docman 10 is the ability for users to be ‘members’ of several practices enabling those with the rights to view information from any agreed practice.  This is critical for new ways of working like GP practice extended hours.

Docman has plans to work with primary care to build on the Docman cloud platform to support other new ways of working that federations are moving towards such as, federated back-office, cross organisational workflows, centralised scanning and filing, centralised coding, cross federation admin resource utilisation and cross federation performance analytics.  Docman is currently looking for development partners to work with to help define how the platform can be extended to address these new ways or working.