Howbeck Healthcare will shortly be meeting with the company Medelinked.  Medelinked is a secure mobile and online health platform that empowers you to take control of your health, from building your health profile to discovering, connecting to and sharing your health and wellness information with your trusted healthcare providers.

With the recognised need for a radical change in the delivery of healthcare across the NHS, Medelinked also supports NHS health professionals to deliver transformational care that can be easily sustained, reducing pressures across the traditional health ecosystem.  Utilising technology that is coordinated around what people need and want, through the integration of wearable technologies, will help to embrace the uptake and pave the way for future generations of millions of children to want to be part of the healthcare revolution.

Currently supporting three GP Federations with over 100+ GP Practices, Howbeck Healthcare is interested in exploring the benefits for patients and healthcare professionals within primary care.