Won and manage a wave 2 PMCF bid

Won and manage a wave 2 PMCF bid

For two of our federations we wrote and won a bid for £1.9 Million. We were then employed to manage the bid. We took the opinion that practices were best providing their own activity and that setting up a completely separate service was a waste of money and time consuming. We have been spectacularly successful in that in the last 18 months we have delivered over 110000 extra appointments out of hours, over 40000 being with a GP. These are early mornings, evenings and Saturday ams.

We ran an advertising campaign with Cube Creative which included adverts on the back of buses locally and newspaper adverts.

We believe our scheme is the only one to actually hit its targets.

We are currently working on how to continue the scheme and adapt it for the new rules that are out.

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