What can Pharmacists do in General Practice?

What can Pharmacists do in General Practice?

Many ask why are you so keen to employ/embed pharmacists in general practice? Surely the medicines management teams do that?

Well the MMTs tend to concentrate on 1. cost savings for the CCG and 2. some often highlighted patient safety issues. While neither of this are bad – neither really help the practice.

We have 4 areas in which we feel pharmacists can help the practice.

  1. Acute work. We have evidence that up to 27% of people attending reception are asking about medicines. Why not connect them with someone who can sort out 80% of their problems there and then.
  2. Chronic disease work – pharmacists can either run/ help out in/ support CDM clinics – in terms of manpower, but also in making sure guidance is followed, patient safety is upheld and
  3. Overseeing/ helping with the practice repeat prescribing process. A huge amount of work for a practice – yes implementing some of the cost cuts and patient safety can help but just making the system safer and more efficient is valuable.
  4. Teaching / Audit / Research – helping the other clinicians in the practice and helping the surgery meet its obligations are very useful roles.

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