Trusted Third Party Benchmarking

How do you know if your practice is as profitable as the next one?

Could you and your team improve performance?

While your practice accounts will help you assess your investments in the practice, together with their taxable and pensionable profits, it’s increasingly important for this financial data to be used to plan ahead.

The Trusted Third Party Benchmarking Service provides the following benefits:

  • Identifies potential missing income

  • Provides a comparison of expenditure between your local practices / Primary Care Network / Region

  • Identifies areas where you may be able to work at scale or closer together with your neighbouring practices / Primary Care Network

  • Identifies possible reductions in expenses……….. and much more.

This service is provided over two stages utilising publicly available data and following submission of practice data to our team of experts.  Following full analysis diagnostic reports will be provided advising practices where to look further and why!  Further on site support and analysis is also available.

For further information please contact us.