Dr Neil Paul

Dr Neil Paul


Neil is the co-Founder of Howbeck Healthcare Ltd and provides the clinical leadership to the company. His clinical work provides a lot of the inspiration for the projects; most setting up a GPA training programme and How2, an online library of videos focussing on optimising the use of primary care IT systems.

Neil writes his own blog promoting innovation in primary care and has over 5000 followers on Linkedin.

Neil has been a full time GP Partner at Sandbach GPs in Sandbach, Cheshire, since August 2000. He is nationally known for his DigitalHealth.net column that discussed the highs and lows of IT in primary care and as a speaker and presenter and author in trade magazines such as GP, Medeconomics and EMIS User on topics including IT, Data Quality, QOF, business efficiency and primary care finances.

He is currently executive partner at his practice, PCN Clinical Director of SMASH PCN and an active member of the local GP Alliance as well as involved in NHS Cheshire EAST Place meetings inc community care, IT and CVD. He runs a nationally recognised primary care clinical trials unit and his clinical interests are Cardiovascular medicine, Diabetes, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology. He still does 4-6 sessions a week in practice so understands the reality of general practice.