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How GPs are paid 3

My last piece talked about expenses. Since I posted it the NHS HSCIC has published an interesting document on GP income. Have a look at This downloads (a large) spreadsheet that details gross income by GP practice. The columns split this into income sources. Now I havent explained these yet – my next piece

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How GPs are paid 2

In my last piece we looked at how a GP practice makes its money and we saw they are much like any other business and run on the the golden formula. Profit = Income – Expenses. The main difference is most GP practices are run as a partnership which is a particular UK company structure

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How GPs are paid

In my monthly articles on e-health insider I talk about topics related to IT and primary care from my perspective as a jobbing GP doing 4 days a week of general practice. However there are quite a few topics I’d like to discuss that the remit of that column doesn’t allow me to cover and

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